Can Gen-Y REI really help me?

Well, if you’ve stumbled across this blog post then I think we can conclude a few things …. 1) You are likely Gen-Y, which means you have a unique skill set that baby boomers (the majority of the investor community) are lacking …  2) You are interested in Real Estate Investing!

Now, maybe you haven’t quite taken the leap… (don’t worry, most people that read this haven’t either!)  Or, maybe you are too overwhelmed with all the information out there to make real estate investing work for you.  BINGO! That is exactly why Gen-Y REI was born, to tie all things real estate back to the values/principles guiding OUR generation.  Cool, Right?

I’ve designed an online resource for aspiring real-estate investors who are seeking the Gen-Y lifestyle and values. WHY did I decide to focus on Gen-Y?!  First and foremost, I was born in 87′ and having been involved in REI for almost a year, I can vouch that most of the teachings among the investor community are old and outdated!

Don’t get me wrong, there are principles and techniques that are timeless!  I’m not here to discredit the Guru’s, it is upon their teachings that I was able to get into REI.   However, this industry is lacking the innovative instruction that the Gen-Y crowd is seeking!

If that is you; if you are born between 1980 and 2000 and you are looking for a source for all things real estate, you’ve found it.

So, how can Gen-Y REI help you?  We will be bringing you fresh, applicable content via:

  • eBooks
  • Facebook Group
  • eCourses
  • Podcasts
  • MeetUps
  • Conferences
  • Personal Coaching

Take the next step, connect with us socially and join our private group.

To your success,

Gen-Y REI Team