Have you heard the phrase “Begin with the End in Mind”?  It means know what you want to accomplish before setting out and taking action.  If what you want to accomplish is finding great real estate deals, than where you need to begin is with your list of properties.  Probably the most common marketing method used by real estate investors is direct mail marketing, and the results you can expect are heavily tied to the quality of the list you are mailing (among other things such as your messaging and persistence).

So we must ask the question “Where should I get my lead list?”, there are literally dozens of different vendors online that you can use to obtain a list of properties using very specific criteria, some of the more popular sites would be ListSource, Melissa Data and Listability.  Also, many of the direct mail fulfillment centers seem to also be an affiliate or broker for some of the mentioned sites, and have a license to sell property lists as well.

So, what’s the point?  On one of the above sites (I won’t mention which one) I requested a quote for all the absentee owner properties in my zip code, there were 17,085 records and the total cost was $2,306.48 …. WOW! That’s a lot of money just for the names & addresses of properties!

I’m here to tell you there is a BETTER WAY!  Now I can’t take any credit for this, in fact I heard about ReboGateway on a Flip2Freedom podcast, but having dealt with multiple vendors for sourcing property leads, I am a raving fan and want to share why I believe ReboGateway will be your best bet!

***I am NOT affiliated with ReboGateway nor do I receive any sort of compensation if you choose to use their service, simply put I am a customer and raving fan and believe this is a hidden gem in our business

ReboGateway is a division of Benutech and they are based out of Costa Mesa, CA

The concept is pretty darn simple, you pay a Flat Fee for an annual subscription to access the SaaS program.  The fee would be determined by number of counties in which you need to pull data.  Once you subscribe, you have access to UNLIMITED number of property leads, yes you heard right, UNLIMITED!


But that’s not even the best part, not by a long shot.  Because who really needs “more leads”, don’t get me wrong I love saving money and it is incredible that you can get the same information through ReboGateway for a fraction of the cost of other providers, but where they really shine is moving from quantity to quality.

Let me explain, ReboGateway offers a way to narrow down properties using very specific criteria.  Obviously you can search by property type, # of beds and baths, year built, etc.. but so can everyone else so there is nothing new there. In addition, you can search for Notice of Lis Pendens and Tax Default, there are also categories for bankruptcy, divorce, probate, empty-nesters, and more.  (Subject to county data availability, not every county will include all of the mentioned data points)

Sound awesome, right?  Well, I haven’t even told you the best part!  Here it is, ReboGateway allows you to “layer” each of those different filters to target the most likely (and probably most motivated) of homeowners.  Here is an example, let’s say I want to find homeowners who own 3 bedroom houses in a certain county AND they have lived there for more than 10 years (equity) AND they are behind on taxes AND they have been served a Notice of LP AND they are going through a divorce, you think that person is a good candidate to sell?  I do.  Now there may only be 15-25 of these in an entire county, but these leads will convert at a much higher rate than just your plain “absentee owner”

This is why I love this service, it offers unlimited property leads but more importantly the ability to be very specific.

I dealt with John Harcar, I’m sure he wont mind me dropping his name & information in case you too are interested

jharcar@benutech.com  (866)887-0206

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