Isn’t it funny how we can program ourselves to believe things, good or bad?  For a long time, I didn’t believe I was a morning person.  That is the program my brain was running.  So in turn, that is who I was being.

A typical morning just a few months ago would consist of hitting snooze between 5 – 7 times!  (Now I realize what a waste of time that was, you don’t really get any extra “rest” doing that) I would try and sleep virtually as late as I could and still get up, get ready, and make my first obligation that morning.

However, for the past few years as I’ve studied successful people more and more I found that one of the habits that most truly successful people put into practice was waking up early and having a solid morning routine.  Because of this, and my urge to emulate successful people and their habits, it was put down as a “goal” to wake up early.  What I was missing however was the practical technique & how-to.

Then, by happenstance I came across a book called The Miracle Morning, I believe I first heard about it from Tim Ferris but I cannot pinpoint that for sure.  But the title of the book caught my attention and I purchased it online right away.

I buy a lot of books, I also start a lot of books, but I don’t finish nearly as many as I start.  I usually get bored with the book or get distracted by another book (aka shiny object syndrome) but with this one I was truly engaged.  It lined up perfectly with a huge goal that I had, to become a morning person.

I’ve also had the pleasure of having a business coach re-enforce these same principles and explain to me that “choosing” to be a morning person will put me in a powerful state.  I now understand that everything is a choice, and we choose who we want to be.  We create that person with our language and then our actions follow.

I will not spoil the book, because I want you to read it for yourself!  But I will share my experience with it.  Since I began routinely waking up by 5:00AM my productivity has increased nearly 50%, that is a huge spike.  I’ve been far more consistent with exercise & reading (now that they are in the beginning of my day, not the end) and my energy levels have increased substantially.  I also have far more confidence now, that is strange right?

How is confidence tied to what time you wake up?  It all has to do with your sense of accomplishment, since I “knew” what to do for several years but wasn’t “doing” it, the gap between my actual self and ideal self was growing further and further apart.  This is what leads to frustration.

Now if waking up at 5:o0AM was never a goal of yours, you may not feel that same way, but once you learn about this habit and realize the tremendous benefit it can have in your life you too will want to implement this.  My suggestion is do it, take action!  Don’t sit on the sidelines for years wishing you would just change & transform into someone else.  Create that person, learn the techniques, and start doing it, you won’t regret it. 

As my business coach explained to me:  “Once you slay that dragon early in the day, you’ve already won, and the rest of the day you are in the bonus round” 


Here are a few Resources you can click to learn more about The Miracle Morning:


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